Lauren Dogan – Principal

For more than 13 years, Lauren Dogan has been an Australian and international Singing Teacher, Vocal Coach and Professional Singer and has taught students of all ages and levels including Beginners, Intermediates, Advanced, Professional singers, original artists and members of Government organisations helping them to achieve their singing goals.

Two of her current students released their own debut albums in 2012.

Berry Ni

Richard Kohler


She studied music from early childhood, including ABRSM Classical Piano from 7 to 14 years old and studied Music majoring in voice throughout her school education.

She is a Full Member of The National Association of Teachers of Singing (NATS) and received a Distinction in Grade 8 Vocal Examinations through The Trinity College of London

Lauren continues to keep informed of current vocal pedagogy and research so that both herself and her coaches can continue to offer the highest level of vocal coaching to our students.

Lauren is a very patient teacher and excels at bringing out the inner voice from all of her students, especially those who lack confidence in themselves and their vocal ability.

Her love of teaching stems from her passion to see students achieve their goals and the satisfaction of helping them develop into confident performers at any age.

Her caring, calm and encouraging demeanor helps bring out the best in her students regardless of whether they are young children or mature aged adults.

Lauren has developed a tried and true method to help students develop proper diaphragm support, with her fine ear she has also helped countless students with poor pitch, Lauren is able to completely turn students around by improving their pitch and helping them with the song selection best suited to their singing ability.

Professional Singers: Lauren works closely with students who are in bands, performing groups, preparing for an audition, recording artiste or professional singers that require coaching on their original or cover songs.

Vocal coaching enables these students to apply The Vocal Studio's technique of ‘effortless singing’ to enhance and/or alter the songs. Lauren can also assist students with song selection and repertoire and enhance not only the vocals, but their stage presence and performance ability.

Recording Artistes: For students recording their own albums, Lauren is able to fine tune their original songs, add input into melody track enhancements, supporting music etc so that the final tracks can be mastered.

Auditions: Preparing for auditions is also an area that Lauren has a great deal of experience. The correct song choice for your voice is the most vital piece in succeeding in an audition - delivering the song with emotion and great vocals are just as important.

If you are seeking a teacher with a strong focus on correct vocal technique, development and performance and who also understands the difficulty in learning to overcome performance anxiety and confidence issues, then contact The Vocal Studio Singapore today.