Janiz Ong - Associate Vocal Coach

Janiz is an Honours Degree graduate (Pop Vocals Maj.) of Lasalle College of the Arts and she has been a music instructor working at various singing schools around Singapore for the past 2 years.

Janiz started learning the piano at 6 years of age, and began performing at school concerts and various public performances from the age of 12. She continues to perform at numerous events, shopping malls and other gigs throughout Singapore.

During her polytechnic years, she took up acappella singing to help her understand the level of blending, harmonizing, balancing dynamics and tonality which brought her to a higher level of singing.

Equipped with knowledge of both theory and practical, Janiz learnt her music technological skills from both of her diploma and degree course. She was taught to be an all-rounder musician besides just playing your own instrument.

She is passionate about teaching and helping others "Find their inner voice" using Lauren Dogan's technique of "Effortless Singing" and unique TVS Lesson Program.