Hirfana Jazmin - Associate Vocal Coach

Jazmin graduated from LASALLE College of the Arts with a Diploma in Music, Majoring in Vocals and has been a Vocal Coach with The Vocal Studio Singapore since this time. 

Her musical journey began at the age of 12 when she began taking both piano and vocal lessons. She began performing at various events and open mic sessions from the age of 13. When Jazmin was 17 years, she decided to major in Vocals in LASALLE and has since performed at various locations and events including Festivals, Weddings and Inaugurations. Hood Bar, L’Opera, Cuscaden and Slackers’ Bar to name a few. Jazmin had the exciting opportunity to perform for the Inauguration of LASALLE’s Winstedt campus as well as the Official Opening Ceremony of J-Cube (JEM). 

Apart from singing, Jazmin plays the Gamelan and has performed with Brazilian Percussion Group, Ousadia. Jazmin has worked with many bands including Pomona, CREEP, Trionova, Paraxenos and Ashtarte. Pop, Rock, Reggae, Jazz and RnB are among her favourite musical styles she sings.  

Jazmin believes everyone can experience the joy of music whilst learning to sing, regardless of their knowledge of it. She is a very patient and supportive coach who understands the difficulties students' face whilst learning the art of singing. As a teacher, she constantly seeks innovative methods to help students learn the TVS Lesson Program and apply Lauren Dogan's technique of "Effortless Singing".

Hirfana Jazmin