The Vocal Studio's Vocal Scales Training CD

Available for purchase is Lauren Dogan's Singing Exercises CD designed to help students "find their inner voice".

If you sing Pop, Rock, Jazz, Blues, R'n'B, Soul, Musical Theatre or any other Contemporary vocal style - then this Vocal training CD is for you!

The exercises focus on developing strength and responsiveness in the different areas of the voice so that you can sound your best.

Adequate Diaphragm Support needs to be applied to these exercises - the proper teaching of Lauren's unique technique is available during our private lessons.

The CD comes in both Male and Female versions so please select the right one for you

Check out Track 1 for a brief introduction.

Track 1 - Introduction

Track 2 - Breathing

Track 3 - Instructions for Warm Up

Track 4 - Glissando Warm Up

Track 5 - Instructions for Lip Trill/Tongue Trill

Track 6  - Lip Trill/Tongue Trill

Track - Instructions for Legato Scale

Track 8  - Tsee Oh Legato

Track 9  - Instructions for Chest Voice Scale

Track 10 - Chest Voice

Track 11 - Instructions for Transition Scale

Track 12 - Smoothing the transition from Head Voice to Chest

Track 13 - Instructions for Connected Voice Scale

Track 14 - Connected Voice - Hey Hey Hi Ho

Track 15 - Instructions for Intervals Scale

Track 16 - Intervals

Track 17 - Instructions for Flexibility Scale

Track 18 - Flexibility

Track 19 - Instructions for Improvisation Scale

Track 20 - Improvisation "I Need You"