The Vocal Studio Recitals

Student recitals are held regularly and are available when students are deemed ready by their Teacher (and want to) perform. 
There are always 4-5 Recitals per year in addition to our Annual End of Year Concert & Awards Show
They are a great opportunity for students to demonstrate their progress in front of a audience comprising of friends, family and other students! 
End of Year Concert

The Vocal Studio also hosts an annual End of Year Concert and Awards - These have been held at various locations since 2009. In 2012 the event was held at The Drama Centre's Black Box within the National Library. Check out the following link of Lauren, Vicky & The Vocal Studio Choir singing A Wonderful World

Check out Goh Bang Rui - one of The Vocal Studio's students belt out the Robbie Williams hit Let Me Entertain You

Student Recitals

Check out a number of Lauren and the Teams' other performances at some of our recent recitals.